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The Métis Artists' Collective strives to encourage and facilitate Traditional and Contemporary creative expression of Arts and Culture; by means of education, awareness and engagement.

Consistently promoting arts and culture.

Métis Arts Festival

A multilingual celebration of Métis culture, featuring a solid mix of the traditional and the contemporary. Over the years we have hosted a broad range of artists from ballet to jazz, Métis fiddling and jig dancers to performances by First Nation Traditional dancers and Inuit throat singers. Along with a unique selection of vendors bringing native foods and craft activities for the younger set, the festival also featured daily workshops, demonstrations, and storytelling.

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Aboriginal Affairs Award

The Aboriginal Affairs Award was established in 2003. This award will be given to a person(s) or organization whose volunteer efforts have made or are making a significant or ongoing contribution to the well-being and advancement of the Aboriginal community in Toronto.

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Fiddle Stories

A fiddle legacy project in partnership with Anne Lederman pairing Aboriginal Elder Fiddlers from across Canada, together with a small group of talented Aboriginal Youth Fiddlers in a 3 -phase project. Through a series of workshops, concerts and competitions, the youth acquired skills to carry on and adapt lost fiddle styles and traditions. Participating Elders: James Cheechoo from James Bay Ontario / Lawrence "TeddyBoy" Houle from Ebb and Flow Manitoba and John Arcand from Saskatchewan.

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The Cannington Dog Sled Races and Winter Festival

The Aboriginal Affairs Award was established in 2003. This award will be given to a person(s) or organization whose volunteer efforts have made or are making a significant or ongoing contribution to the well-being and advancement of the Aboriginal community in Toronto.

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Abstract Louis Riel

In 2005 Bernard Leroux and K.J. McCusker, then vice president and president of the Métis Artists Collective, locked themselves in studio for 3 intense days to make a collaborative work. The Abstract Louis Riel was the result. This series of 20 panels are made up of archival materials such as photos, maps, letters and documents, which combine in collage to depict many of the flashpoints in the life and times of Louis Riel.

The series has been exhibited in Ontario at Toronto City Hall, Harbourfront Centre and the Law Faculty of The University of Toronto to name a few.

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Memories Muse Exhibit

In November of 2007 MAC members embarked on their first collaborative exhibit on a membership-wide basis. Artists Mimi Gellman and K. J. McCusker directed the process in bringing together an exhibit preceded by a formal salon. The salon discussions encompassed; creation, preservation and presentation of individual conceptual pieces. The salon featured notable conceptual artists Arthur Renwick as guest facilitator. Each resulting piece played on the individual members’ unique perspective and covered a wide range of subjects. The Memories Muse exhibit ran in a number of venues throughout the GTA during its’ yearlong tour, at the end of which, the participating members retained their own works.

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Ways to support the Métis Artists' Collective


Become a social advocate and support us through online promotion and communication initiatives. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s.


Work with us directly by becoming a partner or sponsor. We are always looking for ways to drive connectivity and engagement though projects, events and centralized strategies that connect cultural and artistic endeavours to the greater public.


Currently we are looking to expand our relationship globally, taking Métis, Inuit, First Nation and Intertribal artistic perspectives beyond our continental boarders.


For many years we've been successfully working with artists, performers, creators, and cultural keepers. If you're looking for work or better ways to promote your work feel free to connect with us to learn of any opportunities. If you're looking for right person or people to fulfill a project or bring forward a proposal we can help you find that right fit.

Jim Logans: Aboriginal Arts Office

"We highly appreciate the enthusiasm and creative talent that pours out of every project presented by the Métis Artists' Collective. Bravo!"

Community events and activities.

Métis Fiddler Quartet

One of our greatest prides has been collaborating with the Métis Fiddler Quartet, they have been with us from the earliest days of our organization have have been critical to our growth and over all direction.

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Omegwessi was the name given to a popular Métis fiddle player from the small village of Ebb and Flow Manitoba back in the 50s and 60s. - it means “ the Ukrainian “. This documentary film is a collaborative project between James Flett, Lawrence “TeddyBoy” Houle and Bernard Leroux. The project was funded by Manitoba Arts Council and supported by Canada Council for the Arts. The film is set for release in the spring of 2014.

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Defining Aboriginal

Defining Aboriginal investigates 4 contemporary Aboriginal Artists’ conceptual work. The exhibit comments on how they may be connected to their ancestral traditions, but are clearly dedicated to new creative possibilities for conceptualization.

Each of the participating artists: Mimi Gellman (Métis), David Ruben Piqtoukun (Inuit), Keesic Douglas (First Nations) and Jacithe Roy (Métis) each have a unique approach to their work. Their work challenges us to re-define what it means to be an indigenous artist in a contemporary context.

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MAC is a true collaberative affair

K. J. McCusker

Vice President

B. Leroux

President and CEO

K. Delbaere


J. Roy

Board Director

C. Delbaere-Sawchuk


About the Métis Artists' Collective | our story

The Métis Artists' Collective (MAC) is a non-profit group of Aboriginal musicians, writers, filmmakers, dancers, and visual and media artists. By staging events in Toronto, they have raised awareness of their culture and nurtured emerging talent along the way.

For the past five years, MAC has presented the annual Métis Arts Festival, a celebration of Métis artistic talent and Aboriginal culture. The festival showcases both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art forms and initiatives, such as Métis fiddling and jigging, First Nation drumming, Inuit throat singing, genealogical and historical presentations, visual arts, new digital media, multi-media, film, television, and performance arts. It even offers youth an opportunity to learn about Aboriginal culture with a wide variety of kid-friendly games and activities held on Kids' Day.

MAC has spearheaded a number of other worthy initiatives, including:

"Defining Aboriginal" - a contemporary arts exhibit exploring issues of Aboriginal identity, held at Toronto City Hall in celebration of National Aboriginal Day, June 21 2008;

"Fiddle Stories" - a project that brought together renowned Aboriginal elder fiddlers from across Canada with talented young Aboriginal fiddlers, to pass on the traditional style of Aboriginal fiddling to the younger generation;

"Memories Muse" - a group exhibit of multi-media works by the members of the Métis Artists Collective which has been presented at various locations throughout Toronto in 2007-2008.

The Abstract Louis Riel - a 20-panel traveling cultural display of montages that depicts the flashpoints in the life of Louis Riel.

Driven entirely by the efforts of volunteers, the Métis Artists' Collective has been working tirelessly to increase knowledge and awareness of Métis heritage and traditions. At their founding meeting in 2003, it was agreed that the inspiration for the Collective's vision would be drawn from Louis Riel's stirring prophecy:

"My people will sleep for one hundred years. When they awaken, it will be the artists who give them back their spirit."

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